The ATTS M4 carbine is a shorter and lighter variant of the ATTS M16A2
assault rifle.

ATTS M4 Carbine

We Have The Best M4 Carbine Training Solution Around.

  • Unencumbered freedom of movement

  • Realistic weight and functionality

  • Simulated muzzle Flash

  • W.A.S.P (Weapon Audio Simulation Platform)

  • 13 Hour Rechargeable Battery

  • Ammo loadout inventory tracking

  • Long-range and Close-range engagements

  • Accurate engagements

  • Quad Rail System

  • Realistic rate of Fire

  • Easy cleaning

W.A.S.P (Weapon Audio Simulation Platform)

Unmatched in sound simulation allows for the most Realistic weapon report .

ATTS AK-47 Green

Check out Our OPFOR ATTS AK-47!

ATTS OpFor Weapons Brings One More Realism Aspect to Your Training Scenarios.

  • Realistic weight and functionality

  • Unencumbered freedom of movement

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