About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission at ATTS is to offer tactical force on force training solutions and marksmanship training solutions to military, government, and law enforcement.

Our Solutions simulate the effects of both direct and indirect fire weapons with an emphasis on simulation realism. Our Live training systems provide the user with an objective assessment of cumulative equipment damage and personnel casualties, including appropriate actions to treat casualties.

Additionally, our training simulations are realistic enough for Soldiers to have confidence in their training performance evaluations. The ATTS evaluations are based on accurate hit/kill probabilities and on accurate damage and casualty assessments.

Core Values:

  • To provide excellence in customer service

  • Teamwork and accountability

  • Respect, Integrity, and Trust towards our employees and our customers

  • We are Committed to continuous learning and development of our employees

Some of Our Solutions

Direct Fire Simulation
Indirect Fire Simulation
Advanced Wounding System (Live Medical Center)
Live GPS
Waypoint Plotting
Live and After Action Mission Data

Our Valuable Solutions

ATTS M4 Carbine
ATTS M4 Carbine
Unencumbered freedom of movement coupled with realistic weight and functionality makes the ATTS M4 Carbine an essential training tool.
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ATTS Command Center
ATTS Command Center
Integrated Exercise Control (EXCON), Live GPS tracking Troop Movement, Customizable After Action Reviews (AAR) at the Point of Need (PoN)
More about the ATTS Command Center
Real-Time casualty assessment information provides specific location of bodily injury to facilitate casualty care training.
More about the ATTS TAC Vest
The ATTS AK-47 provides Op-for with the same realism as all of the ATTS weapon platforms and utilizing the Weapon Audio Simulation Platform (W.A.S.P.) with the same unencumbered freedom of movement and Realistic weight and functionality
More about the ATTS AK-47

Military Battle Challenge

Military Battle Challenge

Tactical Simulation Training, the marksmanship heart and soul of the Military Battle Challenge

The ATTS M-4 laser rifle and report featured in the Battle Challenge offers unparalleled industry innovation and leadership – and demonstrates only a small portion of the total Force-on-Force training capabilities of ATTS

Marksmanship is an integral part of the Battle Challenge. Prominently featured near the end of the Battle Challenge course in Task 7 and Task 8 when the heart rates are highest, the innovative Advanced Tactical Training Solutions (ATTS) rifle-laser-target technology provides industry-leading battle ground marksmanship realism, and 100% reliability in all environments.

In addition to providing skills training and an objective measure of a Battle Challenge participant’s performance in relation to military job tasks and his/her peer competitors, the Battle Challenge’s head-to-head competition takes place in a highly motivational sports setting that adds energy, enthusiasm, interest, and entertainment value for the competitors and the audience.

From start to finish, each cycle of the Battle Challenge takes an average competitor approximately two (2) minutes to complete the nine tasks. During this period, competitors have ample time to successfully perform the job tasks and to differentiate themselves from their opponents in relation to skill and fitness levels and elapsed time.

An awards ceremony recognizing top competitors in each category concludes the competition and training program.